Are you new to Final Fantasy and are you searching for tips and tricks? We can help you out! It doesn’t matter if you are new and haven’t played a game. Or if you are an experienced player of all sorts of games. If you are new to the Final Fantasy XIV game, we can help you out. We will tell you more about how and where to find different tips and tricks for a beginner Final Fantasy player.

Get to know the game

If you want to get to know this game, it’s a good idea to watch some gameplays online. You can watch gameplays on YouTube and on Twitch. Some gameplays are made to learn you more about a special part of the game. Other gameplays will give you a longer look at playing the game. It’s fun to look at. But you can also learn from watching gameplays. If you listen to what the player is telling you, you can get a lot of free tips and tricks.

Where to find tips for beginners?

The first thing is, of course, watching gameplays. But there are also other ways to get some tips. You can find big Final Fantasy community’s online. This communities communicate on different forums. There are a lot of forums online about FFXIV. On a forum people ask questions. And usually there a lot of different experienced FF players who are willing to give answers to all of your questions. One tip you can find on one of the forums is to legacy style camera movement and zoom all the way out. Little tips who make playing FF a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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