Final Fantasy XIV is the 14th part of the Final Fantasy series. FFXIV is a MMORPG. MMORPG means Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. That means a lot of players interact with each other online. It’s very likely you’ve heard about Final Fantasy a lot but you didn’t know how the game works. We let you know how you can start playing Final Fantasy

Free trial

Do you want to know if Final Fantasy is a game for you? You are lucky because you can play a free trial before you have to buy anything. How does it work? You first have to go to the official final fantasy website. On this website you see an orange button with start you free trial. To use this free trial, you’ll have to create a square enix account. To create an account you have to choose where you are coming from, you’ll have to fill in your email, your account ID, password, date of birth and a security question. If you’ve made an account you are ready to play the free game trial.

Become a great FFXIV player in a short time

There are different ways to become a great FFXIV player in a short time-period. The first thing you can do is playing the game as much as you can. To become a better player in a short period you have to play the game like 24/7. But that’s almost impossible. There are also a few other ways to become a better player. You can read a lot of articles with tips. And last but not least, you can buy GIL online to buy in-game stuff and to become a better player.

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